The Permanent Secretariat of the first Corporate Social Responsibility Award aimed at promoting the concept of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, and facilitate the business environment. Over the years, this organization has carried out research, training, consulting and capacity building. Currently, this secretariat provides consulting services in governance and corporate responsibility, in order to promote corporate social responsibility strategies, it also defines and develops social responsibility campaigns in this field.
Secretariat is seeking to improve the responsible business environment in Iran, raising awareness and providing useful resources for developing responsible business through co-operation with stakeholders.
With the help of an expert team and continuous communication with domestic and foreign academic centers, we are ready to accept membership which gives the participants some advantages including consultancy and curriculum services to corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations:

1.    Reflecting our members’ publications related to their CSR approaches
2.    The publication of a Journal of Information-Science to raise the level of knowledge and public awareness in this field
3.    Publish related books or support publishers, authors and translators
4.    Hold short-term curriculums to enhance the skills and capabilities of board members or relevant consultants.
5.    Set up and update the forum's site and continue to communicate with the members
6.    Introducing research topics to master/PHD students and encouraging and supporting relevant researches.
7.    Assessing the level of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance in enterprises
8.    Providing advice to organizations to comply with corporate social responsibility principles and ISO 26000 standards.
9.    Planning to improve and develop the corporate governance structure of enterprises.
10.    Carrying out all necessary steps and measures for the membership of Iranian firms in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
11.    Define and conduct social responsibility campaigns
12.    Providing counseling and creating a database of advisers and specialist and, if necessary, introducing scholars to organizations.
13.    Proposing and editing educational context with a textbook to the Ministry of Science for graduate or PhD levels.
14.    Drafting the code of ethics for Board of Directors
15.    Publish best practices via media